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*Drum ruffle* The Gkazas Olive Oil subscription. The first ever monthly olive oil subscription in a recycle friendly tin can that fits through your letter box. Please choose your desired subscription below. In addition to your subscription period, you can also make a selection for the amount of olive oil you want to receive.

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Never run out of olive oil again

Our nightmare? Running out of olive oil whilst you have friends over or want to give the finishing touch to your tasty dish. That’s why you can receive (y)our new olive oil on your doorstep every month. Simply make your choice above and we’ll do the rest!

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Choose the right amount for your needs

Our subscription comes in a stackable 300ML tin can. We can ship two of those cans in one box. This means you can choose a monthly amount of 300ML or 600ML. The choice is yours… and by the way, if you choose to go for a 6-month subscription, some hefty discounts are included!

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Receive the most delicious olive oil every month

Never fall short of olive oil with our monthly Gkazas subscription. With this monthly subscription, you’ll receive exactly the amount of olive oil you need to get through the month. Straight through your letterbox without additional shipping costs!

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Straight through your letterbox

Don’t you just hate having to stay at home for the delivery guy? They never arrive when they say they will and, with us, always end up arriving at the precise moment that you’ve decided to quickly run to get groceries. No more! Our nifty packaging fits through the letterbox.

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You are in control!

Subscriptions tend to be great until you want out. You suddenly have to fill in forms or call phone numbers. Not here. You can always upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription in your account. Simply create one, head to the ‘my subscriptions’ tab and do what you want to do. You are in full control, pinky promise!

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