The Gkazas Olive Oil subscription. The first-ever monthly olive oil subscription that fits through your letterbox. Please choose your desired subscription below. Change/cancel easily in your account Delivered monthly after the first order date through your letterbox Free shipping

Beautiful, round tin for ultimate convenience

The round Gkazas subscription tin is designed in such a way that it fits through the letterbox including packaging. The round format makes it easy to store and/or stack it. And that it is a feast for the eyes is the icing on the cake. Right?

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The olive oil subscription from the Gkazas family

Do you want to learn more about our olive oil and our olive oil subscription? We’re very happy to help (and tell)! Our story starts in Crete. Here, we harvest Gkazas Olive Oil on our own land and that of befriended farmers in the neighborhood. Due to your enthusiasm, Gkazas Olive Oil has grown tremendously over the last years. For this reason, we’ve had to connect more olive oil farmers to meet this rising demand. Fortunately, all these farmers are local and known to us personally, so we know exactly how they harvest their oil and if this is up to the high standards of the Gkazas family. One of these standards being that we harvest in the most authentic way; by hand. First, large nets are laid on the ground, after which we knock the olives out of the tree with sticks.

After a day of harvesting, the olives are immediately taken to the press. This is essential, as only in this manner we can guarantee the quality of the olives. And of course, extra virgin olive oil. Because we press the olives directly, they are of the highest quality. We have a unique indicator for this; that the oil should be as the Greeks like it. Fortunately, we manage to meet this high-quality requirement every harvest (and therefore every year).

After harvesting, the olive oil is stored for a self-filtering process of several months. Then the extra virgin olive oil is finally ready to come to the Netherlands. Super fresh from tree to bottle. Since more and more of the Gkazas consumers have been giving us the feedback that they were ready for a new member of the Gkazas family, the Gkazas Olive Oil subscription can is the newest addition to our products. The same quality with a bit of convenience, from the mountains of Crete right on your doorstep!

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