Extra virgin olive oil from the Gkazas family

Our story starts in Crete under the trees of an olive grove–the olive grove of the family Gkazas. From this fertile, Cretan ground, Gkazas came to existence. Check our story

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The Gkazas family from Crete, Greece

The Gkazas family from Crete, Greece

Our story begins in Crete under the trees of an olive grove. The olive grove of the Gkazas family. Gkazas originated from this fertile Cretan soil.

Our story

From tree to bottle

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Want to taste Gkazas Olive oil? We organize tastings at our points of sale every last Saturday of the month. In addition, our website offers various delicious recipes to enjoy our Greek olive oil to the maximum (together with others). After all, Gkazas Olive Oil brings good people together!

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Every winter we harvest our Cretan olives. First, we carefully tap them out of the tree by hand. The olives are collected in nets so that we can separate them from the leaves and branches. At the end of the day, all the harvested olives are brought to the press together in jute bags.

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The olives are washed, ground and cold pressed the same day at a local presser on Crete. We immediately have organic extra virgin olive oil as the end result. A pure and honest family product full of taste and passion!

From Crete straight to your kitchen table!

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